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The Antonios have a powerful ministry reaching young people for Christ and teaching Dominican families how to homeschool.  I urge you to support them with your prayers and resources.
Bruce Shortt, Esq., Harvard graduate, author,
 The Harsh Truth about Public Schools




    EVANGELIZE YOUNG PEOPLE -- Studies show 90% of those who receive Christ do so by the age of 18.  There is freedom of religion and speech in the schools in the DR and many other countries. We go into the roughest and toughest schools and barrios (poor neighborhoods) and boldly present the claims of Christ.  We also reach middle class young people.

     PRO-LIFE EVANGELISM -- We show dramatic pro-life videos which make instant converts to the pro-life cause and teach the psychological and medical consequences of abortion.  Many young ladies have chosen life for their babies as a result.

MORAL PURITY -- Involvement with online pornography is epidemic among young people from the earliest ages.   This is warping their personalities, searing their conscience and soul and preparing them for marital disaster.  In no uncertain terms, we teach the need for moral purity, total consecration to Christ.

MARRIAGE PREPARATION — We teach a unique course on how to prepare for marriage.  Most of the young people come from broken homes, so when we tell them we have been married for 29 years and still in love—they explode with applause and listen attentively.

We teach that the first rule for successful marriage preparation is to avoid feeding on pornography in all forms.  No one should go online alone.  While that may not be physically possible, having a filter which reports all sites visited to accountability partner (such as parents, grandparents, pastors), is like having other people in the room with you every time you go online.  We teach that all young people should install the free filter and that only a trusted parent or guardian should have the filter.  This program has an accountability feature in which the accountability partner(s) can view all sites visited and blocked.

Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior does not mean saying a little prayer and continuing to live in bondage to perpetual moral depravity.  Being truly born again includes trusting fully in His mercy and atonement and includes repentance from sin and living in purity and holiness, i.e., becoming an obedient disciple.

FOLLOW UP DISCIPLESHIP -- We direct young people who have professed Christ to existing evangelical churches for follow up, or when possible, to our own training fellowship.

We are doing what we can to empower young people and adults to live a radical, committed Christian lifestyle.  Our goal is to break the vicious cycle of fornication, broken marriages and emotionally maimed children and replace it with young men and women who are empowered to live under grace in fidelity, holiness and godly Christian character.

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 Support address:  FACT, P.O. Box 54, Two Harbors, MN  55616

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Book: Venture to India

EXCITING BOOK ON HOMESCHOOLING and MISSIONS  - Great reading for parents and young people, this will inspire you to serve the Lord wholeheartedly.  Your children will listen, laugh, and be thrilled as they hear how the Lord used us to touch many lives in INDIA!! Available soon for download - only $10.

Motivational PRAYER and SHARE Power eNewsletter for Homeschoolers - Get  a dose of mega encouragement hot off the mission field of the Dominican Republic. You will be challenged as you hear how God is using the Antonio family in the island nation. Be part of the prayer team. Click here for your Power eNewsletter

Information on missions opportunities for homeschoolers. For select HS graduates 18 years and over and others, we are offering a fabulous opportunity to do evangelism and discipleship in the DR. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime for homeschooled young people. Jot us a note and let us know you want more info. Missions Opportunity - Click here


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